What is HOIC?

Hight Orbit Ion Cannon, known as "HOIC" is a very powerful tool used to flood websites by launching a DDOS attack, Just like LOIC. but HOIC more powerful than LOIC because of the Booster Scripts.

So, how to flood a website with HOIC? its really very easy..

1) Download Hoic and Open it up.
    Download HOIC: Click Here

2) Click on the "+" sign under "TARGETS", a pop up box should appear, now type in the website you want to flood in the box. Select Power to High, Select "GenericBoost.hoic" under the Turbo Booster section and click Add.

3) Select Threads 2 or 3, remember threads is number of users HOIC should simulate in order to attack since it is Distributed DOS attack, the more you select the more time it takes.

4) Now finally click on the Big Red Button "FIRE TEH LAZER" and wait. you can see the status of the attack from the program.
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